Shading and line

Pear - 2B Pencil

Following my mini melt-down during my last life drawing session I decided I needed to go back to basics – grab some fruit and do a couple of quick studies.  I love drawing fruit and veg – eggs as well.  The reason is they give you a good opportunity to explore how light hits an organic form.  Because of their curved nature you get to explore the dexterity of line – to almost none at all to the dark underbelly of the form you are drawing.

Really – drawing fruit and veg for me is the closest you can get to having a life model of your own – if that makes any sense at all!

Pear - 2B Pencil
Pear – 2B Pencil
Tangerines - 2B Pencil
Tangerines – 2B Pencil

When doing these very simple exercises I started to think of the possibilities of other experiments I could do.  For example I would like to explore using different surfaces such as sand paper.  Also using paper with a bit of tooth in it and staring with a dark background.   Such as covering the whole surface in charcoal and working back into it with a rubber and a light chalk to achieve a sense of 3d and dexterity of line.

Anyway – though these exercises took me only about 20 mins I started to recognize where I was going wrong in the life drawing session – school boy errors really.  Start with lightest tone first and build up.