Breaking the rules

For the third life drawing session I decided to break the no eraser rule.  But not to rub out mistakes but instead to help add tone to the form.   I was also keen to keep with the objective of not seeing the model as a human form - don't worry this isn't some latent sociopathic tendency  I possess but moreover an attempt to not over complicate the process of drawing the life model.

This session was also pleasing because in the last pose (30 mins) -  I really explored further the application of negative space.  It really helped me to understand what was a complex pose.

I also thought it was time to start introducing other media and used the quick pose phase (1 minuters) to use a technique that I used a lot in art college - drawing each pose with a different colour pencil.  I find this quite a liberating exercise because what you end up with is some unexpected and abstract forms.  These forms can often be abstracted further into dynamic three dimensional forms in their own right or interesting surface pattern.  The possibilities are endless!


Coloured pencil on paper - I minute poses

This exercise was not the best outcome but I will be using this technique again.  It's worth sticking with.


  1. Reinforced negative space  which helped with foreshortening
  2. Begun to model the 3D form and picking out subtleties of form
  3. Started to introduce other media and used the putty rubber judiciously


Areas to improve - what didn't work?

  1. Tone though moving in the right direction needs work
  2. Lines still a bit heavy in places but I do wonder if experimenting with softer media such as chalk will mitigate for that.  However I must persevere with pencil a little longer before cutting corners on this issue.
  3. Explore foreshortening in more detail

Finally - I need to move to a different part of the room so I can get more frontal and 3/4 poses.  I also need to gain the confidence to move around the room a little more.  At the moment I am clinging to my the same position in the sessions.