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Shading and line

Following my mini melt-down during my last life drawing session I decided I needed to go back to basics - grab some fruit and do a couple of quick studies.  I love drawing fruit and veg - eggs as well.  The reason is they give you a good opportunity to […]

Hands and foot quicky

I struggle with hands and feet - just so happened I was in a park in Cardiff - saw a sculpture in a park and thought - well - as I am here... I accidentally fell into this style of a foot below - I shall call this my Giacometti […]

Detail of a Henry Moore, Upright motif no. 8, 1956

Whilst at the museum I couldn't resist sketching a bit of this Henry Moore,  I wanted to have a go at experimenting with tone.  I really enjoy sketching works of contemporary sculptors such as Moore and Giacometti in particular.  You get lost in the forms they create and you almost […]