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Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray, American abstract artist (1940 - 2007) really inspires you to challenge the space that a painting exists on or in. Her paintings arguably cross the boundaries between sculpture, applied art as well as painting its self. For me her work is not so much painted but 'made'. Take […]

Alberto Giacometti

Giacometti is one of my favorite artists.  I find both his sculpture and his drawings an inspiration.  I first discovered Giacometti through his sculpture.   I liked the tactile quality of his work and his elongated forms which, for me, possess a haunting elegance. It was on a visit to […]

Learning to See Again – Augustus John

I have been out of action for a while - part of the process of "learning to see again" is to analyse how those that do this or had done this as a way of life see for themselves... ...your skill level on its own will only take you so […]