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Elizabeth Murray

Elizabeth Murray, American abstract artist (1940 - 2007) really inspires you to challenge the space that a painting exists on or in. Her paintings arguably cross the boundaries between sculpture, applied art as well as painting its self. For me her work is not so much painted but 'made'. Take […]

Alberto Giacometti – Philosophy

What attracts me to Giacometti's work is the unresolved aspects of it.  Both in his drawings and his sculpture.  What I mean by unresolved in this context is that you can acknowledge Giaometti is sharing with you the journey he is going on. As Giacometti states in the video below, […]

4 Hour Pose – tomorrow

I haven't been drawing for a while.  Its a bit like going to the gym - you start missing a few sessions and then apathy hits.  I discovered a four hour session in Cardiff organised by Dave Daggers and thought hell, I am doing this. I am apprehensive about the […]

Shading and line

Following my mini melt-down during my last life drawing session I decided I needed to go back to basics - grab some fruit and do a couple of quick studies.  I love drawing fruit and veg - eggs as well.  The reason is they give you a good opportunity to […]

Alberto Giacometti

Giacometti is one of my favorite artists.  I find both his sculpture and his drawings an inspiration.  I first discovered Giacometti through his sculpture.   I liked the tactile quality of his work and his elongated forms which, for me, possess a haunting elegance. It was on a visit to […]

Cardiff Life Model Collective – A naked view…

Cardiff Life Model Collective (CLMC), run by Andy Muse, deserves all the support and credit it gets and needs. CLMC began - er - 'life' in 2010 - It's mission is: To promote the healthy acceptance and appreciation of all body types and to encourage all to feel comfortable in their […]

Hands and foot quicky

I struggle with hands and feet - just so happened I was in a park in Cardiff - saw a sculpture in a park and thought - well - as I am here... I accidentally fell into this style of a foot below - I shall call this my Giacometti […]