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About Toby Harris

Posted at 10:07 pm on November 8, 2016 by Toby Harris

When he's not cutting down trees and wearing women's clothing (Python reference, c'mon...), Toby works as an applications developer specializing in designing and building applications for the cyber security industry, in particular within the field of incident response. Toby can also be seen on the odd occasion ponsing about on the stage within the field of amateur theatricals.  He's currently in rehearsal for Harold Pinter's Dumb Waiter (January 2017) and will be taking part in an ensemble production of Everyman Theatre Cardiff's production of Romans in Britain, March 2017. Often people refer to a career similar to Toby's as a "portfolio career" - quite apt for a blog based on drawing and design don't you think?  So - what are his vital statistics?  Well, apart from fighting the middle aged spread, he says he's not quite on a starter bra yet but sadly getting there, his favorite drink is black Twinnings Earl Grey tea - as far as hot beverages go nothing, repeat nothing is remotely drinkable in comparison in his view (he credits his long suffering wife, Sarah, for this discovery.). Second favorite, he proffers, is scotch and water - in a crystal tumbler, single malt with a dash of chilled still mineral water is just fine, he muses. His favorite food is Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle or a Super-Eight cooked breakfast (possibly a Mega Eleven if really peckish) at the legendary Louis Cafe shared with his daughter, Jocelyn.  In terms of film anything by the Coen Brothers is a guaranteed good night out.  Choice in music, hmmm, Toby recommends this really should be kept secret at all costs.  As if parts of the 70's and 80's pop music lexicon were not bad enough, his Spotify account could be described as a litany of shame (or a criminal offence.) in that regard.  Even worse there are albeit rare eye witness accounts of him being seen dancing to the stuff - one commentator observed - watching Toby dance really is like watching performance art.  He'll take that... he thinks... Toby considers himself to be incredibly lucky to have a such a patient and forgiving family - he lives in Cardiff with his mentally scarred wife, Sarah Bawler, who is a fantastically talented writer, lecturer, actor and director by the way - hire her!  He also has a long suffering daughter, Jocelyn, who loves drawing too and is still grappling with how on earth she actually arrived on this planet, being cursed with a father who, in comparison, would make Basil Fawlty look like the Dalai Lama! (DNA results in the post.) But why this blog?  Put simply - he is not expecting anyone to read it - this is not some narcissistic joy ride, despite the fact he has written this page in the third person...  Toby (he's still not letting go of this third person stuff is he?) regards himself as a hum-drum guy with a passion to share with you - drawing.  To you - the only person that has visited his blog he hopes you enjoy it.  He promises faithfully that everything else you read will not be nearly as pompous and pretentious and will be in the singular not the third - enjoy!