4 Hour Pose – tomorrow

I haven't been drawing for a while.  Its a bit like going to the gym - you start missing a few sessions and then apathy hits.  I discovered a four hour session in Cardiff organised by Dave Daggers and thought hell, I am doing this. I am apprehensive about the four hour session - it will be the longest session I have done.  I suppose the best way to manage it is to be as structured as you can - have a firm aim before you get there.  So the plan?

  • Focus on areas I don't normally get the chance to work on in the shorter sessions such as:
    • Hands and feet
    • Head
    • Muscle tone
  • Start the session with a brief reprise on scale an proportion
  • Use larger scale paper - A1
    • Try paper with a bit off tooth in it
    • Get different shades (6 sheets)
    • Use softer materials - try some conte crayon
    • Experiment using blues, sepia and ocher colours to build up the form